Business waste enforcement

Duty of care enforcement

As part of the Keep Barnet Clean campaign, we are checking that businesses meet their duty of care requirements, to make sure their waste is removed by a licensed waste carrier.

Meet your 'duty of care'

Don't get caught out. Make sure you know what your duty of care requirements​ are. Inspectors are checking in on businesses in Barnet.

If you are still unsure about your duty of care requirements, or are interested in finding out the services offered by the Commercial Waste team within the Council, please email:

Kingdom Environmental Enforcement Officers

Environmental enforcement officers, from the third party specialist Kingdom, are visiting businesses across the borough, to check that every business is dealing with any waste that they produce responsibly.

The environmental enforcement officers when visiting a business, can issue a duty of care notice to a business if they suspect that the business is not dealing with the waste they produce in a responsible manner. This duty of care notice requires the business to provide Kingdom the following documentation within 7 days:

  • A written description of the waste transferred by the business
  • The transfer note (or copies) for a period of two years from the transfer of the controlled waste.

Fixed Penalty Notice

If the business does not provide this information to Kingdom within 7 days, then they will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

The information must be provided to Kingdom via email to the following address:

Find out more information on what a Fixed Penalty Notice is and the fine levels.

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