SUGAR SMART Barnet is a local campaign about supporting workplaces, businesses and organisations such as school or charities to reduce sugar consumption. This is aligned with our Local Government Declaration on Healthier Food and Sugar Reduction.

Everyone can be involved in this campaign, not just organisations. We will launch our campaign formally in January 2020 but participants can sign up now.

Your organisation can make various SUGAR SMART pledges, for example, you could pledge to:

  • Actively promote free drinking water
  • Provide information on healthy food
  • Run promotions on healthier food and drink options

Working with Sustain, which runs SUGAR SMART, we aim to raise awareness of the health benefits of reducing your sugar intake. Sugar consumption has a major effect on our health especially in children. In Barnet one in five children started primary school overweight or obese in 2017/18. For the same year that figure was one in three for Year 6 pupils.

See the leaflet below for more information

SUGAR SMART - Join us Leaflet (PDF, 0.2MB)

Take part


You can support the campaign on the Sugar Smart website where you can subscribe to the newsletter or volunteer: 


Local businesses and organisations can join our campaign as participants and take pledges to be SUGAR SMART.

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