Join the Barnet Youth Board

Barnet Youth Board is a forum made up of young people aged 11-18 (up to 25 with additional needs) who are living, studying or working in Barnet.

Barnet Youth Board members are:

  • a representative voice - ensuring the voice of children and young people are listened to by adult decision makers
  • advising the Borough - Providing advice and guidance to the London Borough of Barnet and internal and external organisations from the perspective of a young person
  • community representatives - Representing their school and community views that matter to the young people
  • uniting young people - Creating links between different groups of young people and the council
  • promoting a positive image of young people
  • gaining new skills and have access to opportunities to develop as an individual
  • able to be involved in commissioning new services
  • to be part of interview panels interviewing for senior jobs within the council and its partner agencies.

What the benefits are

  • Getting to meet like minded young people who genuinely want to make a difference
  • Being involved from the very beginning of projects
  • Seeing behind the scenes of how the council runs
  • Developing life skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • A sense of civic responsibility by designing, delivering and evaluating social action projects
  • A great addition to your CV

What young people say

“Barnet Youth Board is a really simple way of making sure that your opinion is heard and influences the future of Barnet. It’s been a privilege to meet with different organisations and hear the opinions of young people who genuinely want to make an impact, like me! And I would encourage anyone to join.”

“I believe that Barnet Youth Board is a great opportunity to do something positive for our Borough and you should join… you get the chance to meet new interesting people and projects which you can be part off. Whilst having many positives such as having an amazing CV.” Member of Barnet Youth Board

Get involved

All meetings are now being held virtually with Microsoft teams, if you wish to join please email 

To join you must complete the membership form, and we’d like you to discuss your involvement with your parent/carer.

After you complete the form a member of the Voice of the Child team will contact your parent/carer with a copy of your form.

We’ll let them know that you are applying to be a member and that we are holding your personal information for membership and communication purposes.

Apply now

You can apply online, you don't need to register, just select 'continue without registering' and complete the form.

Join the Youth Board

You will then need to get your parent / carer to complete this consent form.