Youth and democracy

Involving young people in the democratic process

We involve young people in decision-making processes by:

  • developing their understanding of democratic processes
  • encouraging active citizenship
  • engaging them in wider consultations with local authority services and wider organisations

The Voice of the Child Strategy (PDF) sets out how this is achieved.

In Barnet there's participation forums for children and young people to engage with, as outlined: 

Barnet Youth Board

The Barnet Youth Board is made up of representatives aged 13-19 (up to 25 with disabilities) across all Barnet’s state schools as well as community groups/clubs aiming to give young people a voice.

The board design campaigns and projects, consults young people to find out their views and engage with decision makers to ensure young people in Barnet are heard. The group work closely with Barnet Members of Youth Parliament and together they work to ensure the meaningful engagement of young people in Barnet.

To find out more, phone the Voice of the Child team on 020 8359 4373 / 020 8359 3866 / 020 8359 3156. 

Young Commissioners

Young Commissioners allows children and young people to be involved in the commissioning of services that directly affect them. They'll be trained and supported throughout and will learn skills including budgeting, commissioning knowledge, service design and teamwork.

If any young people are interested, phone the Voice of the Child team on 020 8359 4373 / 020 8359 3866 / 020 8359 3156. 

Youth Shield

Youth Shield is Barnet's Youth Safeguarding Panel run by CommUNITY Barnet on behalf of Barnet Safeguarding Children's Board (BSCB) and the Police.  Youth Shield aim to assist the BSCB to keep children and young people safe and communicate the work of the board to the youth community.

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