Seasonal leaf clearance

During autumn and winter, we have additional resources to support the clearance of fallen leaves from roads and pavements. Leaves are cleared through manual and mechanical sweeping.

This will focus initially on high footfall locations and transport hubs with the clearance of residential roads taking place after the bulk of the leaves have fallen.

In addition, our usual Street Cleansing teams will be clearing leaves in their scheduled roads and town centre locations, and roads that need attention will also be identified through our residential schedule.

If you think the leaves on your road require immediate attention, please let us know. We will aim to action your report within three working days if the road is not due to be visited on our schedule.

If the road is private land, it will be the responsibility of the landowner or managing agent to arrange clearance. If the road is managed by Barnet Homes, please contact Barnet Homes.

Help us with leaf clearance

Whether you are a resident or run a business in Barnet, you can assist the council by collecting any leaves that fall onto your frontage, driveway or garden and rather than sweeping them on to the public footway.

Please put them in your composter, take them to Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre or put them in your green garden waste bin if you have signed up to the service.