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How you can help us

Last updated: 21 October, 2020

Your tenant must tell us if their circumstances change or they change address. However, if you are aware of any changes to the tenant's circumstances that you think may affect their benefit, e.g. they move out, you should let us know immediately.  You can tell us by email at, by downloading and sending us a change of circumstances form or by telephoning us. You can also help us by repaying any overpaid benefit promptly.

Missing education privacy notice

Last updated: 8 January, 2020

The council has a duty to ensure that all children receive an education and works with parents and schools to achieve this.

Clean air act approval

Last updated: 25 March, 2021

The Clean Air Act 1993 introduced a wide range of new regulations which control smoke emissions, the height of chimneys, and the content and composition of motor fuels. When specifying chimney heights, local authorities need to take into account a number of relevant factors. Under section 14 of the Act, unless the height of the chimney has been approved by the local authority, it is an offence to cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

There are special Housing Benefit rules to help you if you're the victim of, or in fear of, violence. Violence does not have to occur, the rules apply if you are in 'reasonable fear' of violence. Temporary Absence

Childs Hill library

Last updated: 5 July, 2024

Building control charges

Last updated: 26 March, 2024

Charges are payable for various applications under the Building Regulations and Building Act and are set under The Building Regulation (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010, S10 of the London Local Authority Act 2004 and The London Borough of Barnet Building Regulations Charging Scheme No 2.1, 2015. Full plans application charges The deposit charge is payable on submission of a Full Plans application, the site inspection charge is payable following our first inspection.

Immigration inspections

Last updated: 17 June, 2024

Exotic, dangerous and wild animals licence

Last updated: 13 December, 2023

If you keep certain dangerous wild animals, you must hold a licence issued by the London Borough of Barnet. Full list of animals you need a licence for Fees Animal Welfare Licensing Fees 2024 (PDF 116KB)

Hendon NW4, Church End

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

The local archaeological group HADAS found a Roman and a Saxon settlement near to St Mary's church. However, the Saxon settlement may not have continued on from the Roman one and there may have a period when Hendon was unoccupied. St Mary's Hendon The oldest building in the area is the Church of St Mary's Hendon. The Domesday Survey says that Hendon had a priest, and another document mentions a church building in 1157. The oldest part of the present church is 13th century.

Whetstone (Finchley N20)

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Whetstone may be named because it is on the western edge of East Barnet. But the name may come from a stone, perhaps the one outside the Griffin Public House (possibly the base of a medieval cross, which some used to sharpen blades). Some believe that soldiers sharpened their swords on the stone before the Battle of Barnet in 1471. As Whestone as a name occurs many years before this, the story is clearly wrong. However, it is a popular local legend and was told to coach travellers in the 18th century.

Showing 1 to 10 of 14813 results