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Partnership libraries

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Partnership libraries are part of Barnet Council’s recently announced plans to reshape the library service that will, amongst other things, keep all 14 libraries open, while delivering the savings required by the Council. Out of these 14 libraries, four will be community managed as part of the overall library network.

Domestic Homicide Review

Last updated: 19 October, 2022

Tragically, people sometimes die as a result of domestic abuse. When this happens, the law says that professionals involved in the case must conduct a multi-agency review of what happened so that we can identify what needs to be changed to reduce the risk of it happening again in the future.


Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Maps available at the Local Studies Centre A selection of historical maps of what is now the London Borough of Barnet is available at the Local Studies Centre, and includes:  Nineteenth century first editions circa 1864 and 1896 Twentieth century circa 1914, 1935, 1950s and later editions View first editions circa 1863-1874 and subsequent editions of Ordnance Surveys of all local areas and the wider United Kingdom.

Frith Manor and Burtonhole

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

The earliest documentary reference to Frith Manor dates to circa 1500, as a sub manor. It had control of lands not only in Mill Hill, but also in North Finchley. There was a family called Burton living here by the reign of Henry VIII, and Burtonhole Farm is mentioned from at least the early 17th century. It is still a working farm.

Memorial benches

Last updated: 20 October, 2022

If you'd like to remember a friend or loved one we have a memorial bench scheme in Barnet. You may be able to have a wooden, park-style bench complete with a bespoke brass plaque with your desired wording.  The location of memorial benches will be subject to local consultation and with the agreement of your ward councillor. If your application is accepted there will be a fee and conditions to having the bench placed in your preferred location.

New Barnet

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Before the railway line was built there was no New Barnet. In order to build the railway the Great Northern Company had to buy land from different farms and estates. The owner of one of these estates through which the line had to pass, known as Lyonsdown, forced the railway company to purchase the whole of the estate rather then just the fields which were needed. The railway company sold the rest of the Lyonsdown estate to The British Land Company in 1850.

Wood Street

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Behind the St John the Baptist Church is Church Passage where the old Chipping Barnet Library used to be. The new library behind the Spires was opened in 1991. The old library had been founded as a literary institute and reading room with £10,000 given by Julia Hyde. Then two sisters called Paget left more money so that a proper hall could be built in Church Passage.

Licensing data protection

Last updated: 4 February, 2019

How your information will be used Barnet Council will collect and use the information you give us to undertake our functions as a local authority and deliver services to you. It is our responsibility to ensure that your information is kept safe. Where necessary and legally allowed, we will share your information with trusted external organisations, commissioned partners and contracted service providers in order to deliver services and support to you.

Thinking of starting a business

Last updated: 23 September, 2022

Business planning is a critical first step when thinking about starting a business or launching a new product. A common difficulty faced by many entrepreneurs is that so much is unknown. Having never before encountered the business environment it can be challenging for new businesses to understand where they are going. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) advises every new business owner to ask themselves these six questions: 1.    Where do you expect the business to be after the critical first two years?

Statutory listed buildings

Last updated: 23 March, 2021

These are buildings, objects or structures considered to be of special architectural or historic interest, which need to be preserved for future generations. The list is compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport following advice from Historic England. Statutory listed buildings are protected by legislation in the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Learn more about how and why buildings are listed from Historic England.

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