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Last updated: 18 March, 2019

Scams and doorstep traders  If you have information about scams or dodgy doorstep traders in your area we would like to know. Firstly contact Citizens Advice consumer service. Citizens Advice will be able to talk you through how to get a refund of any money due.

Registration of cooling towers

Last updated: 25 March, 2021

Application for Registration of Cooling Towers Licence summary If you control non-domestic premises you must ensure that you notify the local authority of any cooling tower or evaporative condenser (notifiable devices) on the premises.

Check how much Housing benefit you can get

Last updated: 19 February, 2024

Restricted routes

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

Width restrictions Torrington Park/Friary Close Nether Street Junction/Argyle Road Weight restrictions Brunswick Avenue (N11) Brunswick Grove (N11) The Vale(NW11) westbound Hendon Way to Claremont Rd (MGW 5t) The Vale(NW11) westbound Hendon Way to Claremont Rd (MGW 5t) The Vale(NW11) eastbound Claremont Rd to Hendon Way (MGW 5t)    

Make a subject access request

Last updated: 30 January, 2024

East End Road (Finchley N2)

Last updated: 19 November, 2018

East End Road was originally the route from the hamlet of Church End Finchley to the old Great North Road when it ran through Muswell Hill. The road has had various names such as Manor Lane (19th century) and Finchley Road (18th century). In the medieval period a triangle of waste, called Hunts Green (1437), which stretched from Stanley Road to the Junction of Church Lane, was the location of the first hamlet of East End Finchley (1365). 

History and traditions

Last updated: 14 April, 2023

In Britain, the civic office of Mayor brings with it over 800 years of tradition and loyalty to the Crown, and a direct link to the monarch through parliament. The current position of Barnet Mayor was created in 1965 when the 2 borough councils of Finchley and Hendon were amalgamated with 3 urban district councils (Chipping Barnet, East Barnet and Friern Barnet) to form the London Borough of Barnet.

Cashless parking

Last updated: 6 November, 2023

Parking: PaybyPhone or use PayPoint You can use a cashless payment for car park spaces and on-street parking by phone or online using the PayByPhone app. 

Annual Director of Public Health Report

Last updated: 16 May, 2023

Grahame Park (Hendon NW9)

Last updated: 5 March, 2024

Grahame Park is built on the site of Hendon Aerodrome. Hendon Council began negotiations with the Air Ministry for Hendon Aerodrome as early 1945 as they needed the land for a new housing estate to replace housing destroyed during World War Two.

Showing 1 to 10 of 14653 results