Barnet Libraries’ ‘Select and Collect’ service extended


Barnet library services has now extended its popular Select and Collect initiative to all 14 of the borough’s libraries.

Select and Collect Library Service Bag

Select and Collect Library Service Bag

The service, which was initially rolled out at Barnet’s four Core Plus Libraries in June, allows residents to pick up and return books and other library items of their choice.

Since June, library staff have loaned more than 19,000 items as part of the initiative, including well over 10,000 individual books for children and young people.

Residents can call, email or go online in advance to select what they would like to borrow.

The service allows residents to specify exactly what they want to borrow or to give information about what they like to read, watch or listen to, and for Barnet’s libraries staff to put together a selection based on the preferences supplied.

All library stock is quarantined for at least 72 hours between loans.

For vulnerable residents not able to come to a library, a Home Library Service is operating to bring books direct to residents.

Councillor Reuben Thompstone, Chairman of the Community Leadership and Libraries Committee, said: “The Select and Collect service has proved hugely popular with the residents so I’m very pleased that we have now been able to extend the initiative to all of our 14 libraries.

“Given just how important literacy and learning resources are at this time, it’s particularly pleasing to see the number of items for children and young people that have been loaned.

“As always, we also have a huge array of e-books, e-Audiobooks and thousands of other publications available digitally, and I would encourage residents to take a look at what’s on offer.”

Further information of Select and Collet can be found online.

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